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Recruiting for multiple hard-to-fill positions is hard.

How many evenings have you worked late trying to find great candidates?

Not enough candidates

With dozens of open positions, multiple stakeholders and highly specialized job requirements, it’s tough to find enough great candidates to fill the pipeline.

Disgruntled hiring managers

Meeting the needs of multiple hiring managers feels like a no-win situation. When you find 1 or 2 qualified candidates, they still want more.

Managing too many vendors

How many job posting accounts have you set up recently? Getting tangled up in multiple vendor relationships is costly, time consuming and inefficient.

It’s time for a series of wins with a full pipeline of qualified candidates.

Give us your biggest recruiting challenges.

We won’t find one great candidate. We’ll find several.

Your hiring managers will be confident they have the options they need to make the best choice.

What do you need to fill?

Multiple Positions

Subscription-based service

For one monthly fee we get to work finding exceptional candidates for a group of open positions. This is ideal for fast-growing companies who have a host of jobs that need to be filled ASAP.

One Position

Fee per placement

When you have one position you can’t seem to find traction on, we’ll take that on. We know this field inside and out and can find the best candidates so you can cross this one off your list.

Hiring Manager of Tech Company

When it comes to finding top talent, you deserve choices.

Satisfy hiring managers

Fill multiple positions quickly

Increase new employee retention

We specialize in finding exceptional candidates for mid to senior-level positions in tech, financial services and fast casual dining industries.

A few examples of positions we've recently placed:

Director of Customer Success
Account Executives
Regional Director of Sales
Director of Dev Ops
Director, AWS Cloud
Chief Information Officer
Solutions Architect
Senior Integration Architect

Don’t see the position you need to fill?
Give us a call and we’ll find great candidates.

We know you're busy. So we'll take on all the heavy lifting.

1. Meet Your Team

Your team will consist of a Researcher, a Recruiter, a Marketer, an Account Manager, and a Data Analyst. These people will use the powerful combination of technology and real relationship building to deliver qualified candidates to you.

2. Receive ongoing communication

On a weekly basis we will provide candidate submissions, progress reports and meetings with hiring managers for clear direction on candidate searches. When working with us, nothing is done in the dark. You’ll know exactly what’s being done on your behalf so you can report to hiring managers with confidence.

3. Robust pipeline of qualified candidates

When it comes to hiring, delays are the last thing you need. We’ll give you great candidates within days, not weeks.

4. High-five your hiring manager

Hiring managers want to do their due diligence in talking to enough of the right candidates. Every time they make a successful hire, they will be thrilled that they had plenty of excellent options to choose from…thanks to you.

Make your team indispensable.

We understand that when fast-growing tech companies need to fill positions, time is of the essence.

Reduce time-to-hire

Save time & money recruiting

Increase employee retention

Give us your hardest-to-fill position and let us work on that for free.

When you are thrilled with the candidates you receive, let’s talk about how else we can help.

Attract a variety of great candidates so hiring managers can make the best choice.

Platt Partners Hiring for a Tech Job Position

When positions stay open due to lack of candidate flow, money is going out the door. That frustrates everyone. But finding the right candidates takes legwork and insight.

That’s where we can help.

We utilize the powerful combination of technology and true relationship building to deliver candidates your hiring managers will be thrilled to meet.

When your candidate pipeline is full, life gets easier. Hiring managers are happy. The business has the right team members in place to thrive. And you establish yourself as a strategic partner in the business.

What our customers are saying

"Able to quickly integrate with our team and deliver quality candidates!"

Like any startup, we are BUSY! Platt Partners was able to quickly integrate with our team and deliver quality candidates. In the end, they helped us identify the perfect candidates; not to mention Platt Partners sent us all relevant market data to help us as we try to fill similar roles!

-Todd Merz, Head of Talent Acquisition

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Platt Partners will build a robust pipeline of qualified candidates for your hard-to-fill positions

Increase your candidate to hire ratio

Fill open positions

Report confidently to hiring managers

Reduce your vendor load

Avoid those extra hours combing through Linkedin.

Platt Partners will build a robust pipeline of qualified candidates for your hard-to-fill positions


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